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RZ-50 Family of Premium Quality Lubricants

RZ-50 contains PTFE Polymer developed for NASA by DUPONT . It contains no oils or silicone.  RZ-50 is the perfect DRY FILM LUBRICANT for literally hundreds of applications.

RZ-50 was developed to possess a friction coefficient of .02 and will not attract contaminants, moisture or dirt.  

When applied, RZ-50 exhibits a remarkable, ball-bearing like surface that can last for up to 3 full years. It can be applied to metal, plastic or wood and will not stain any surface.  - INCLUDING FABRICS!

RZ-50 dries in seconds to a slick, colorless, odorless film that reduces friction, stops squeaks, reduces wear, repels dirt, dust and moisture... and stays where applied longer than any oil or silicone lubricant.

Home, office, worksite, or recreation. RZ-50 offers products designed for almost everything. If it ROLLS, SLIDES, SPINS or MOVES, use RZ-50!

Look to RZ-50 for the most innovative lubricants and products available today.

At home, work or play, RZ-50 has the right product for you.

Please search this web site for specific applications and for the products that fit your lubrication needs.


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